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Ace AF1 Gold 44

  • Set of 2 trucks
  • Axle width: 8.25" (209mm)
  • Hanger width: 5.6" (143mm)
  • Height: 2.1" (53mm)
  • Weight per truck: 13.9 oz (394g)
  • For boards 8.125-8.3
  • Strongest cast Ace ever made- all-new proprietary process
  • Faced hangers, machined to perfection so bearings sit flush
  • Bonus re-threading die for easy axle repairs
  • Re-threading axle nuts
  • Upgraded 96a urethane pivot cups for maximum durability
  • Improved suspension- refined bushing and washer shapes
  • Upgraded SCM440 alloy steel axles that won't slip
  • HIgher grade aluminum with T6 heat treatment
  • Refined baseplate for improved strength
  • The same original Ace geometry that's been renowned by skaters everywhere on the plane

$86.00 CAD
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